World’s first SAT>IP certified Flat antenna (IP LNB integrated)

Selfsat, has produced a Ku-band flat antenna with an integrated IP-Low Noise Block (LNB) down-converter that will soon be available in major European markets.

The SelfSat>IP antenna is compliant with the SAT>IP communications protocol and incorporates eight satellite tuners. The device enables the distribution of live HD and Ultra-HD satellite broadcasting through an in-home Wi-Fi network and can serve up to eight different displays (smartphone, TV, table PC, laptop computer, etc.) simultaneously. The antenna supports two legacy coaxial outputs in addition to its IP output, in order to connect with existing satellite receivers.

SelfSat>IP antenna measures 566x300mm and is installable in places where standard parabolic dishes may not be suitable, such as apartment blocks in cities. The company also has versions with an integrated Wi-Fi router available for the camping market.

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