Hauk Let’s You Hide Your Satellite Dish in the Attic

Newcomer Hauk Technologies hawked the company’s Signal Transparent Surface technology at CEDIA 2017 with the promise of providing a way to eliminate “the days of ugly satellite receivers perched on the roof of your beautiful home.” In my case, I live in a very, very rural area—not far from the middle of the middle of nowhere—so the only sensibilities offended by the presence of the DISH satellite TV and satellite internet antennas on the roof of my house are those of the geese and ducks during migration season. Those of you who live in more populated areas, however (especially the ones who live under the heavy burden of Homeowners’ Association rules and restrictions about such unsightly things as antennas and satellite dishes on their homes), should pay attention to this interesting cloaking technology.
Unfortunately, most roofing materials are pretty good at blocking radio frequency (RF) signals, especially those broadcast from satellites and cell towers. That’s why satellite TV dishes, outdoor TV antennas, and cell phone repeater antennas are usually installed on the home’s roof and not in the attic.

Hauk’s Signal Transparent surface is made from a lightweight, stronger-than-steel material that’s built into a skylight-style frame. Unlike typical skylights that let in light and heat, however, Hauk’s version is a skylight that passes radio frequency (RF) signals rather than sunlight. Hauk’s skylight frame is installed on the South facing side of the home, and the satellite dish or other signal receiver is placed directly underneath it in the attic. From the ground, it looks like a standard skylight installed on your roof—maintaining the aesthetics of your home and keeping your neighbors happy. Protecting antennas and dishes under your roof provides the additional benefit of preventing high winds and storms from moving them out of proper alignment.

Hauk’s Signal Transparent surface material is available in different colors and can be specially treated to match the finish of your roof. The skylight assembly requires no electrical or low-voltage knowledge or certifications and can be installed by standard contractors during new construction or added as a retrofit for existing homes. The cost of the Signal Transparent surface skylight is typically under $800, depending on size. Installation labor costs should be similar to the cost of installing a standard skylight in your area.


Original source: Sound & Vision

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