Selfsat Plattantenn - H22dCSS+

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EAN: 3700433801591
Brand: Selfsat
Selfsat H21dCSS +
Unicable24 antenn
Selfsat H22dCSS+ with a Unicable 2 LNB (SCR-LNB compatible with EN50494/EN50607)
- Polarization: DiSEqC signal 10.5~14V (vertical)/16~21V (horizontal)
- Delivery: SELFSAT H22dCSS+ Unicable 2 satellite antenna, Unicable 2 LNB for up to 24 participants, mast mount with fixing clip, wall holder, window holder, stand, assembly instructions, set, tools
- 3 output for up to 24 JESS compatible devices
- 8 SCR frequencies are backward compatible with EN50494
Simplifies the installation of complex distribution in the house, thus saving material and labor costs.
- Modern, flat design

Product description:
Unicable (SCR) Frequency:
CH01: 1210MHz
CH02: 1420MHz
CH03: 1680MHz
CH04: 2040MHz
CH05: 1005MHz
CH06: 1050MHz
CH07: 1095 MHz
CH08: 1140MHz
CH09: 1260MHz
CH10: 1305MHz
CH11: 1350 MHz
CH12: 1475 MHz
CH13: 1520MHz
CH14: 1565 MHz
CH15: 1610MHz
CH16: 1725 MHz
CH17: 1770 MHz
CH18: 1815 MHz
CH19: 1860 MHz
CH20: 1905MHz
CH21: 1950 MHz
CH22: 1995 MHz
CH23: 2085 MHz
CH24: 2130MHz

Technical data (general):
Polarization: vertical and horizontal
Antenna gain: 34.5 dBi (at 12.7 GHz)
Input frequency: 10.7 ~ 11.7 GHz / 11.7 ~ 12.75 GHz
LO Frequency: 9.75 GHz/10.6 GHz
LO deviation: ± 1 MHz (at 25°C).
LO stability: ± 3 MHz (at -40 ~ 60 °C).
LO phase noise:
60dBc/Hz (max.) (at 1 kHz)
75dBc/Hz (max.) (at 10 kHz)
100dBc/Hz (max.) (at 100 kHz)
Noise Gauge:0.8 dB (type)
Cross Polarization Insulation: 20dB (min.)
P 1 dB: 0 dBm (min.)
Edition VSWR: 2.0:1 (max.)
Power consumption: 250mA (at 13V) (max.)
Output connection:75Ω F type
Operating temperature: -40 ℃ ~ +60 ℃
Dimensions (W x D x H): 566 x 300 x 65 mm
Weight: 7kg
Conversion gain outside AGC: 60dB (min.)
Gain Range:7.5dB P-P(Max.)
IF AGC output ball level in CW mode: -32~-17dBm
Control Signal: CENELEC EN-50494 or EN50607

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