Selfsat H50dCSS+

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Brand: Selfsat

SELFSAT flat antenn H50 dCSS Unicable 2 antenn incl. 2 legacy outputs

UPC: 3700433807036
Brand: Selfsat

Selfsat H50dCSS +
Unicable2 antenn incl. 2x legacy output
Selfsat H50D with a Unicable 2 LNB (SCR-LNB compatible to EN50494 / EN50607)
1 SCR 2 output for up to 24 JESS capable devices
2 legacy outputs for conventional receivers
8 SCR frequencies are backward compatible with EN50494
Simplifies the installation of complex distributions in the house - thereby saving on material and labor costs.
Modern, flat design
All mounting variants included
Note on alignment: The antenna reacts like a conventional satellite antenna (single LNB) when using a satellite measuring device. There is no need for a special measuring device to align the antenna.


SELFSAT H50dCSS + Unicable 2 Satellite Antenna
Unicable 2 LNB for up to 26 participants
2x legacy output
Mast holder with mounting clamp
wall mount
assembly instructions
screw set


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