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Brand: ROVER

HD Tablet Analyzer Wide band, Combined SAT/TV/CATV, 7” TOUCH display, 4 hr Li Po batteries.
Supplied: DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2/T2 LITE (or ATSC), DVB-C, Analog TV only meas, SAT EXPERT.
Options: Reflectometer, Remote monitoring, Dolby AC3DD+, Wide Band, TS Recorder.


  • Frequency Range: TV and CATV TUNER, extended band, 4-1250 MHz; SAT TUNER, extended band, 930-2.610 MHz; GSM extended band, 860-1.000 MHz for telephone repeater installation
  • Input Impedance: 75 ohm (interchangeable “F” connector)
  • Digital Measurements: Digital Power, MER, BER, PER, LDPC, BCH, Noise Margin, MER versus CARRIER
  • Analog Measurements & Picture: Analog level, V/A ratio
  • Power range Measurements: TV 28 to 130 dBμV, SAT 30 to 130 dBμV
  • Net-id on board: Net-Id, NID, TSID, LCN, SAT Orbit Position
  • Fast spectrum with MAX HOLD: full spectrum capabilities with memory peak, variable span and automatic reference level
  • Constellation: for TV/CATV and SAT signals
  • Echoes, Pre-echoes, Micro-echoes: Representation in real Time
  • Quality: Digital Auto quality Test: PASS-MARGINAL-FAIL
  • Digital Pictures: MPEG2-4 SD & HD pictures with Program List, Audio Video PIDs, LCN, Video bit Rate all on one screen
  • TV Memory plan: World Wide countries with related channels plans pre-memorized
  • SAT Memory Plan: More than 2.000 transponders prememorized for world wide Satellite
  • Manual Memory Plan: Programmable TV, SAT (or combined TV/SAT) by PC or Local Keyboard
  • Loggers: TV, SAT & combined with stop & go function
  • Audio: AAC supplied, DOLBY (opt.)
  • Optical Power meter: with SC connector for fiber optic testing (FTTH & FTTX) (opt.)
  • Free SMART PC interface program and FW upgrades
  • 7” TFT TOUCH display: 16:9 high resolution
  • DC voltage at RF input: 5 – 12 – 18 – 24 V, DiSEqC, SCR and dCSS commands
  • Battery: Li-Po battery pack, approx. 4 h duration
  • Power supply & Battery charger: 12 VDC – 1A
  • USB PC Interface: For SW upgrade and memory plan management
  • USB PC Interface: For storage memory stick
  • Housing: Metal box and Easy bag (Elite bag opt.)
  • Weight: only 1,4 Kg
  • Size: H 25,5 x W 13,0 x D 4,0 cm (meter only)

Please Note : All technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Some options must be requested when ordering the instrument.

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